Dear Christians, Maybe This Is Not Always The Right Thing To Say

A wonderful piece ❤

My boyfriend and I were in a conversation the other day when he suddenly bursted with, “I completely disagree when people say that.”

It got me thinking for days. It made me evaluate my words in a wider sense.

And it’s true. It may sound heavenly to our ears but it is not always the right thing to say.


1. Let go and let God.

Every time a friend who’s really having a hard time comes to us and ask for a loving comfort, expect that this line will never go missing in the script.

“God sees all your effort. You’ve done everything. Maybe it’s time to let go and let God.”

More often than not, we carelessly say these words because this advise has been passed on to us by another leader of the church or by another friend too. Worst, we just use this one liner to end…

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God Doesn’t Want You to Spend The Rest of Your Life Waiting

So inspiring ❤

“Why didn’t you tell me that this is going to happen?”

“Sweetheart, I don’t want you to spend the rest of your life waiting.” ..God says

TestHe knows you’ll get tired of waiting

He doesn’t want you to stop living just because you got tired of waiting. He wants you to spend your life trusting Him and not waiting for Him. Because the journey can be long and some people might leave you along the way yet when you trust in Him, you know that you will never be alone.

That when you trust instead of wait, your heart knows that you already have everything in Him.

That you’re not lacking. That you’re not waiting for something to happen before you can call yourself, “complete.

Because you are. You already are.

You are made whole by the blood of Jesus who sacrificed His life for you. Let me…

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